Live From the Archives (2018)

We've been listening to some recordings from concerts going back to 1977, when I was a baby performer in Chicago. Surprisingly high quality, they're fun to hear, and you can clearly perceive the beginnings that have brought me thus far, 43 years hence.

We will release a segment each month for a while. See what else we come up with.

For those of you who have indulged in the Claudia Schmidt Boxed Set, there's room on the thumb drive to load these gems from my archives into the collection, and have all your favorite CS music in one place!

The Chicago club scene in the 70’s, when I moved there, was glorious, music up and down Lincoln Avenue (and elsewhere) every night of the week, every room filled. People seemed to be able to multitask; they could drink, yes, but when the music started, they were attentive, even reverent. I used to say it was like being in church! I feel so lucky to have been able to develop my craft in this kind of nurturing environment.

You’ll hear recordings from: Somebody Else's Troubles, Stages, and Charlotte's Web (Rockford, Il), all wonderful venues long gone by.


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Live at Somebody Else's Troubles - Chicago, IL July 28, 1977

You'll hear:

  • Belong, Belong
  • Coming Home To You
  • Dolphin Story
  • Whale Sone
  • Farewell to Tarwathie