Boxed Set (2016)

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Between 1979 and the present, I have been continuously writing and recording. Now I am excited to announce that I have assembled (with the help and artistry of brilliant recording engineer Mark Thayer of Signature Sounds, Pomfret, Ct.) the Claudia Schmidt Box Set, a digitally remastered collection of nearly all my CDs, some recently recorded studio sessions with jazz pianist Miro Sprague and saxophonist Daniel Rotem, a couple of my spoken word rants, an out of print 45rpm from the 1980s, and some archival photos of yours truly.

After completing USB thumb drive 101, I came to understand that all of this is contained on this little thumb drive, insertable into your car's USB port or your computer, from which it can be loaded onto your hand held device of choice. The music is arranged chronologically, the CDs by year and title and all the songs, in files which can be enjoyed as is, or you can shuffle to your heart's content. There is a file readout which allows you to browse by album or song, (or rants, etc). The remastered songs are now high end mp3s.

The CS Box Set comes in-well-a BOX! It is a lovely wooden box with my name engraved on the top, and it contains the thumb drive, also sheathed in wood (the ancient meets the modern!) This is a limited edition project; it contains over 220 selections!
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