25 Beloved Songs

Claudia Schmidt: 25 Beloved Songs
Over the decades, from 1974 to right now, there are songs that people ask for again and again. I decided I would put together a collection of these requests. This, however, would take me 20 years to do by myself. But recording engineer Mark Thayer helped me narrow it down and remastered the lot so they sound like never before!

I put them in an order that is not chronological, but has a flow just like a concert would. So you'll hear my young voice mixed in with my mature voice. I included one non-original, Bob Franke's “Hard Love,” because it's one of the enduring songs for many people, myself included.

The thumb drive is made from recycled plastic, and includes information about which albums the songs are from, and the musicians on each song. I'm sure everyone has a song or two they wished were on it, but this is a good start. Maybe I’ll do another installment!


25 of your favorite Claudia Schmidt songs,
all on one thumbdrive!