2012 is alive and well!

Posted on: February 1st, 2012

I have had many requests for this poem written by Waldo Pondray Warren in 1922:
My Gift
What shall I give to you , my friend,
To express my love and goodwill:
Shall it not be a part of myself?
Then let it be the very best part,
which is the secret of all my gladness.
The rarest treasure I possess
is the conviction that life is good:
that it had abundant compensation for every trouble that may come;
that it has possibilities beyond all you have ever dreamed; that among even
the very least are capacities beyond
the greatest yet expressed
within our ken; that great surges
of power and joy are eager to course
through us and reveal a life transcendent.
Tears of joy often fill my eyes, a wonderful feeling at my throat,
thrills that almost pain my bosom,
and my heart sings to the stars.
If I could make you feel that way
and hold it through all the years,
that would be my gift to you.

May your year unfold in surprising asnd lovely ways.

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